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Ginger Hicks Smith, NICF Board Director
Chair, Delta Delta Delta Alliance
Former Chair, Delta Delta Delta Foundation

As a volunteer trustee and then as an officer of the Delta Delta Delta Foundation, I have found NICF programs to be invaluable in my own leadership development and in the development of both trustees and staff. That’s why it has been so exciting to be part of re-imagining the NICF’s future and to consider how it might serve our fraternal foundation community in new ways.

We want the NICF’s excellent offerings to continue be the programs of choice for professional development, but we also need to serve our community in ways that reflect the evolution of our industry. As new fraternal groups are established, as new foundations are started, and as existing foundations are re-energized, the NICF can serve and lead by offering special support, shared services, and innovative opportunities that will set the stage for success.

Even more important is the opportunity the NICF provides to connect with colleagues—professionals, volunteers, and alliance partners—and to forge relationships that endure long beyond any particular year’s events. My giving to the NICF reflects my wish to give back to support and advance programs that have been of such value to me and to the fraternal foundation I serve.

In addition, it is inspiring to consider the combined impact of the good done by all of our fraternal foundationS as we raise funds to assist our own members and to support our philanthropic partners. My giving now and into the future speaks to my wish that the volunteers and professionals engaged in fundraising for our groups’ foundations will continue to find similar inspiration, along with practical support, that will enhance their ability to do this important work in increasingly effective ways. 

A gift to the NICF looks backward and forward at the same time. It expresses appreciation for the services and programs of the NICF from which each of us has benefited so far, but is also an investment to ensure that current and future generations of professionals and volunteers will have access to high quality programs and services that will keep us current with trends in our fraternal foundation community and will keep us prepared to meet the needs of the future. Please join me in making a gift to support this exciting direction for the NICF!